7 December, 2022

How to Clean Washing Machine

How to Clean Washing Machine increases longevity, Cleaning Washing Machine Cage, machine works stably, does not become dirty when washing

Any household appliance requires you to clean and preserve it, so it works best. Washing machines are no exception. Let’s find out how to clean the washing machine in infofull.net in the following article.

  1. Why clean the washing machine?

How to Clean Washing Machine

Many people think that washing the washing machine is absolutely unnecessary because thinking that a washing machine is specialized for washing clothes, of course, when the clothes are clean, it must also be “washed”. However, the truth is not so!

Most of the dirt is discharged with sewage through the back of the machine, but there are still stubborn or lime deposits that will cling to the drum, which over time will accumulate, clogging the filter.

The source of water is not clean, so it will leave residues in your washing machine. If not handled in time, the deposits may damage the internal parts of the machine.

Air, air moisture can leave water in your washing bucket, making it impossible to dry out completely between loads.

The above causes create a favorable environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. So cleaning the washing bucket is very important.

2. How long to Clean 1 time ?

How to Clean Washing Machine

It need to be periodically cleaned on average 2 weeks / time and done one day before the next washing is best.

3. The following article will guide you through 5 simple steps to cleaning your washing machine that you can do at home

Step 1: Prepare some items to prepare to clean the washing machine are: A bottle of vinegar, a bottle of bleach and the sponge

How to Clean Washing Machine

Step 2: Take out all the leftover clothes in the washing machine out.

Step 3: Proceed to fill the drum with water. Then pour 2 cups of vinegar into it, leave it there for 1 hour.

Step 4: After 1 hour, start the washing machine again, let the machine complete a normal washing cycle (you can choose the drum cleaning mode if the washing machine supports it). Then dip the sponge into the vinegar solution and scrub the inside of the tub.

Step 5: Continue to fill the washing bucket with water again. Pour 2 cups of bleach water and let stand for 1 hour. In the meantime, you can proceed to clean other locations of the washing machine. After 1 hour, start the washing machine and let the machine complete a normal washing cycle. After finishing the process, the washing bucket will be shiny and fragrant again. Cleaning of your washing machine is complete.

Hopefully, with the above information, you know how to clean your washing machine properly, so that your family’s washing machine is always clean and durable!

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