14 June, 2021

How to download Call Of Duty Mobile on Realme 5

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular shooting games, it has Battle Royale . It is known that this is a product created under the cooperation of Activision and Tencent’s Timi studio.
A lot of people are looking to download Call Of Duty Mobile but the current region does not support downloading

Not only brings the ultimate graphics, Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM) also brings a great experience as if you are a “true soldier”.
Infofull.net will guide how to download Call Of Duty Mobile on Realme 5 Android below. This is very simple and you do not need to fake IP
Step 1 to download Call Of Duty Mobile:
You can download Call Of Duty Mobile it via the TapTap app store, released by Garena in Taiwan. You can access the following Link to DOWNLOAD HERE
Step 2:
Then you just need to press the “Install” button to set up TapTap application store
Step 3:
After downloading and installing, just follow the instructions above to install the game Call of Duty Mobile on your Android phone.
When the installation application is completed, you can enter the game without any additional settings

You follow the video below for easy installation and instructions for playing the game:

Wish you download Call Of Duty Mobile don’t need Fake IP and play the game fun.

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