30 January, 2023

How to fix Corrupted SD Card easy without software test working 100%

How to fix Corrupted SD Card was tested, may SD Card fixed very easy 100% woking

MicroSD cards are used to store information on multiple devices: cameras, smartphones or tablets. However, they can easily be damaged and lose the information they store

Cause: Your phone does not recognize a memory card for many reasons, mainly due to the following reasons

– Poor contact head: The contact area between the memory card and the device is poor, resulting in an error -> The device does not recognize the memory card.

– Because you use a memory card plugged
How to fix Corrupted SD Card will help you fix it

How to fix Corrupted SD Card:
This Video was tested  How to fix Corrupted SD Card working 100%

– Try restarting your Android phone a few times

– Reformat the memory card. Try reformatting the memory card (erasing all data / folders on the memory card) afterwards, inserting the memory card into the phone and restarting the phone.

– Check the memory card: Remove the memory card from the Android phone. (Go to Settings> SD card & phone storage> Unmount SD card to safely remove the card.). Use a reader to connect a Micro SD memory card to the computer, use a memory card error checking and correction software to detect and correct errors. You can use MMC Medic software to detect and fix memory card errors.

Hopefully, the above procedure will help you to solve common memory card-related problems. If found useful, hesitate to share immediately with friends!

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