6 May, 2021

Samsung A51 Unboxing

Samsung Galaxy A51 Unboxing – The first smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy series to own a macro camera. Not only impressed with the rear 4 camera cluster, Galaxy A51 also integrated 15W fast charging technology with 10 minutes of charging, 10 hours of music listening.

In my hand, this is currently the Samsung Galaxy A51 Blue Crush Multi-color version that stands out, but the most impressive is probably the 4 camera cluster located on the back.

As can be seen, the cluster of 4 cameras is encapsulated in a rectangular frame. However, at a glance, I think that the machine has a lot of cameras inside. That’s because the mechanism for arranging cameras is completely special, where four cameras are arranged in a unique L-shape.

Overall, the Galaxy A51 brings many elements that attract its attention. In addition to the beautiful back with 4 camera clusters, right on the front you will see, the device possesses an Infinity-O screen, with the surrounding edges are minimized and promises to bring a great experience. Along with that, the screen will have a “hole” containing the selfie camera.

The Galaxy A51 Blue version that I am holding in my hand has a overflow panel with a size up to 6.5 inches. Together with the resolution of Full HD + screen (2,340 x 1,080 pixels) promises to bring the experience image “more” and better than ever.

Thanks to the built-in Super AMOLED panel for high-contrast images and vibrant colors, viewers will get a more beautiful and impressive image experience than other types of screens. Another plus point for the Galaxy A51 is that the size of the selfie camera is much smaller than the Galxy Note 10 series, thus promising a much better gaming experience.

Not only brings a beautiful overall design, Samsung Galaxy A51 also impressed by the rear 4 camera cluster, the most prominent is the “presence” of the first camera macro. Promising that with Galaxy A51, you will get pictures full of “artistic quality” and filled with unforgettable memories.

Video full Samsung A51 Unboxing

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