13 July, 2020

How To Fix PUBG Lag For All Android Device

How To Fix PUBG Lag For All Android Device, today we bring you a comprehensive way to fix PUBG lag to play better on low-performance low-cost phones.

We will intervene directly in the graphics configuration file in PUBG Mobile game to cut some parameters to maximize processing speed when playing games.

Step 1: Download the graphics file for PUBG Mobile game by following the link:

File Fix PUBG Lag

Scroll down to the bottom and find the correct file name and then press DOWLOAD

Step 2: Download the file manager application using the following path (used to copy the downloaded file in Step 1 into the directory of PUBG), you should use ES File Explorer File Manager for the best effect when manipulating

Currently, ES File Explorer File Manager is no longer available on the Play Store, but you can find downloads from external sources

Step 3: Start the newly downloaded ES File Explorer File Manager application> Then select More (the 3 dash icon)> Download.

Step 4: Find and select the downloaded graphic file in Step 1 (LAGMobileFix)> ES View Compress.

Step 5: Hold down the “ShadowTrackerExtra” folder> Extract.

Step 6: Check the box “Select the path”> Select the text immediately below (/ sdcard /) or skip this step if you are using the latest version of ES File Manager

Step 7: Access the following folder path:

Android> data> com.tencent.ig> file> UE4Game>

Here you click on OK right below> OK> Applies to all and select Overwrite> Finish.

Very simple is not it, the rest is to open the game and “fight” to feel the smooth, stable. Wish you successful operation and do not forget to share immediately with friends if found useful!

Thanks for reading ! If there are questions about How To Fix PUBG Lag For All Android Device you can comment I will try to answer soon. Please like, subscribe to my channel to motivate me to make even better videos or post.
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