5 March, 2021

How To Install Google Camera For Samsung Note 10 Lite

Google Camera For Samsung Note 10 Lite can also install Google Camera (GCam) Mod to experience and use the photography features on the Pixel series.

Google Camera (GCam) Mod is a modified version based on the original app developed by Google for many other Android devices instead of just supporting Pixel Phone alone.Unlike other app mods, all features and interfaces of the original version remain the same including night mode (Night Sight), slow motion (Slow Motion), automatic mode (Auto Shot) ), Photo Booth, portrait mode remove fonts (Portrait Mode), HDR +, panoramic mode (Panorama), astronomical mode (Astrophotography Mode) …

Astrophotography Mode is used for astrophotography, or certain areas of the night sky. Although Night Sight can also be used to create similar images, the image quality is often not high and more difficult to perform.

The real mystery before we get the Note 10 Lite in for our full review is the camera array. The triple-lens rear camera looks different to the Galaxy Note 10’s, and closer to what some rumors have suggested we’ll see on the upcoming Galaxy S11.

The main wide lens is 12MP, as on the Note 10, but with an f/2.2 aperture, missing out on the Note 10’s dual aperture that transitions from f/1.5 to f/2.4 depending on the lighting situation. The 12MP telephoto camera is the same resolution as on the Note 10, but the ultra-wide camera here is also 12MP, rather than 16MP as on the Note 10. And the 32MP front-facing camera may sound rich, but its 0.8um pixel size falls short of the Note 10 Plus; that phone ‘only’ has a 10MP selfie camera, but the pixels are larger at 1.22um, and so gather more light, so while the Note 10 Lite has higher resolution on paper, it may be that the camera struggles in low light.

Link Install Google Camera For Samsung Note 10 Lite: DOWNLOAD HERE

Video How to Install Google Camera For Samsung Note 10 Lite

On Google Camera is full of features such as:

Night mode (Night Sight)
Auto shooting mode (Auto Shot)
Slow Motion
Photo Booth
Motion photos
HDR +, Panorama mode (Panorama)
Portrait mode removes fonts (Portrait Mode)