14 June, 2021

Samsung A51 Camera Full Features

Samsung A51 Camera Full Features brings many unique camera features is very strongly emphasized by Samsung about the specifications of the following 4 cameras, especially that of the macro camera it advertises as the first in the world and below are some of the most outstanding camera features:



3.Live Focus



Spectification Camera Samsung A51
Main camera: Resolution 48 MP, aperture f / 2.0.
Ultra wide camera 123: 12 MP resolution.
Camera clears fonts: 5 MP resolution.
Macro camera: 5 MP resolution.
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Because of Samsung’s emphasis on macro lenses, I’m also curious to see how this lens works. The macro lens on the Galaxy A51 has a resolution of 5 MP, which is higher than the macro lenses on other smartphones so I feel the image is somewhat more detailed.

This lens requires 3 – 5 cm from the subject, but due to the distance is too close will inevitably shake hands, just move the phone a millimeter only will occur the phenomenon of defocusing, for So in order to get a more stable image, you should keep your phone a bit firm.

However, I find that shooting with this lens is easier than other super macro shooting modes, the effect of removing the background is much more natural and the ability to focus is also “quite cool”. The image quality is also “smooth”, enough to show off on social networks.

Besides working macro lenses also called “decent”, the image quality from the camera of Galaxy A51 is at a relatively sufficient level. Auto focus mode is fast, the color is quite stable, details are acceptable, easily produce satisfactory images in conditions of bright light, backlight and low light.

Super wide-angle camera has a unique fisheye effect, the color on this camera is not changed compared to the main lens. So if you want to capture more subjects than the A51 still ensure the natural colors.

Capture mode clear fonts for fine focus, acceptable font removal, similar to the ability to remove fonts of Galaxy A50s. Besides, the beauty features on the machine are quite natural, “suitable for the label”.

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