21 April, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus test Camera full Features

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus test Camera full Features. The camera is also the big point that Samsung brings to the Galaxy S21 Plus. The main camera has 10MP resolution and 3 rear cameras. In which, the main camera is 12MP, the telephoto camera is 64MP and the wide-angle camera is 12MP.

Video Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus test Camera full Features:

The front camera of the Samsung S21 Plus has a resolution of up to 10MP and offers many convenient features such as wide-angle shooting or very good beauty. With Android 11 pre-installed with this phone, you will be able to use a lot of shooting modes as well as refresh the image very well.

Distance is no longer an issue with the 64 MP telephoto camera, built-in Space Zoom and Zoom Lock that enhance image stabilization when zooming at a long distance, helping to pull things back near you, Explore them with unexpected clarity.

Galaxy S21 + with impressive low-light capture, reproduces images with vivid colors even in low light conditions, making it possible to capture all nighttime moments without using additional tools.

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